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During his official visit to France, on a private visit,
meeting of the Chinese President XI Jinping with Dr. Pierre Picquart
at the Charles de Gaulle foundation in Paris.

La chine dans 20 ans Par Pierre Picquart

We are in 2031. For ten years, China is the world's No. 1. The planet would turn it upside down? In a breakthrough, the world has shifted from the West to Asia and west to east: The imminent arrival of China as the first world power before 2020!

Pierre Picquart leads us a geopolitical analysis about China and the rest of the world in twenty years, with projections. The essay anticipates the decisive role in China to better understand the challenges of this global turmoil.

In multiple facets, the author invites us to an amazing journey between the present and the future: the new China and the rest of the world by 2030

Doctor geopolitical expert in human geography, Pierre Picquart is the author of a doctoral thesis and many works on China. He is the founder and director of studies and research on China.Expert for the European Commission, he wrote The Chinese Empire and shape China's Olympic in 2008.

Contact 00 33 6 15 07 88 80

3 ème Essai géopolitique, droit, économie et société : Sortie avril 2011 – 15 x 23,5 cm – 336 pages – 19 euros.- ISBN : 978-2-8289-1199-7
Acheter l’ouvrage : (FNAC, Amazone, Alapage...)
Contact presse : médias et professionnels : visuels, communiqués de presse, ouvrages, dédicaces, conférences : 06 15 07 88 80

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Doctor Pierre Picquart is a wellknown author & international top expert about China, Chinese society & Chinese overseas. Author of the book "L'Empire Chinois" 2006 (Chinese Empire) & of a thesis 1999 - Chinese Overseas, he leads conferences & missions for International institutions, consulting agencies, ambassies, universities, medias, groups, organisations, governments, cities, states & medias: Scientific reports, European projects & tenders: Conflict prevention, Europe - China cooperation, strategies - Economy, Development, Education, Business, Communication, Chinese Olympic games, migrations, Chinese and Asiatic immigration. He leads Missions in China and Asia & in the world.

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for International Médias

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00 336 49 88 36 97


The best seller French book L'EMPIRE CHINOIS for
a better understanding of CHINA, the future world N° 1

The past and present of the important Chinese diaspora

By the book in Poland This book is in French: for english rights

By Dr Pierre Picquart FAVRE Publishing House Third edition in 6 months

Informations Press release The success stories of China & Chinese world

Buy the book on Internet :



The taikonaute news
Pierre Picquart works on social and economic missions in the world and in China. He leads chinese social and economical expertises on China and on the Chinese Diaspora (immigration, Chinese overseas, immigration, integration, migrants, migratory streams). Economist and sociologist, scientific responsible for the CEDRIC, the author of the book and thesis (Chinese Overseas & in France) steers international missions with different groups and institutions in China / Asia : international institutions, states, European Community, administrations, companies, Universities, consulting agencies, experts, consultants, researchers, institutional and well-known political leaders
China, the Chinese overseas : the chinese people in the world, in Europe and in France

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Pierre Picquart, Author of L'Empire Chinois, The Chinese Empire, Doctor in Human Geography, Geopolitical speciality of the University of Paris-VIII, Director of the CEDRIC, International Consulting & Missions Europe - China, is an international expert & specialist for China, the Chinese overseas, the Chinese in Europe & France: asiatic and chinese immigration, communities, strategies, economy. Author of a thesis related to the World Chinese Communities & the Chinese in France, he writes articles in the media & reports for international institutions about the Chinese society: national & local markets, chinese import and export, etc. He leads social and economic missions all around the world and China for world groups, International & European institutions. Chinese development, traditions and strategies form an integral part of his missions.

Communication, international missions, China reports: Social & China Economical reports

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CEDRIC participates (Agencies & Europe tender, calls for proposals) to international projects in the direction of the administrations, the states, enterprises & consulting agencies. The Cedric, with the Pierre Picquart's scientific collaboration, manages social missions and international works, notably on China and on the Chinese world. The Cedric communicates with the responsibles, the companies, the actors of research centers and of international structures. CEDRIC welcomes trainees and high-level scientists and pursues his missions on China, the migrations and Chinese overseas. We communicates and receive companies to develop international economical projects & business market development in the world and in the Asiatic & China area.

Hierarchy of objectives in Conflict Prevention: Evaluation and strategies on Conflict Prevention:
A concrete example: International Terrorism
: European answer / Europe tender / calls for proposals

On this site and more : News of China, Chinese overseas, Chinese in Europe and in France, international social reports and economical missions. China and the Chinese communities are linked by common traditions, history, memories, customs, strategies and skills. These elements form an integral part of the mission to which the name of Pierre Picquart refers. Pierre Picquart, the Cedric (International consulting & Missions Europe - China) & this site aim to be a leading research and resource centre on China and the Chinese outside China. We are conducting a range of inter-related research, scientific evaluation, documentation, investment, exhibition and community outreach activities to achieve this aim, and to advance the knowledge throughout the world.

International Expertises, Consulting, Consequences of conflict, Good governance, Research & Services

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International Co-operation: partners & expertises; Conflict prevention & consequences of conflict; State & reforms; Democratisation& management; Fundamental freedoms; Social & human rights; Institutional strengthening; Police & security; Cultural development, human capacity & empowerment; Good governance; Capacity building; Co-ordination with donor; Crosscutting issues: poverty alleviation, gender & environment; Human programmes: health, education, social subjects; Ethnic groups & communities; Rehabilitation: crisis: disaster, conflicts, civil war; Sciences of danger: supply, ecology, nuclear; Economic, trade & social development; Partners: States, International Enterprises, institutions, European Commission, international Universities.

Human programmes, Scientific research, Economic & social development, Markets in China

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In the framework of the Cedric, Pierre Picquart conducts social international research, scientific studies, international economic reports for many well-known institutions and writes scientific articles for the European media. As an expert for the European Commission, he has been leading international missions as the Information Campaign: EU - China Cooperation Against Illegal Migration in China (Following the Dover Tragedy in May 2000: recommendations for the European Union, meetings with national and provincial authorities of China and other government officials). He provides advice on geopolitical strategies, development of international Trade and Chinese Markets.

International Consulting & Missions Europe - China
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Dr Pierre Picquart provides on web site China's economy informations, asiatic immigration, geopolitical news for Asia and Chinese people in Europe. Going back to the origins of this evolution ( culture, economy ) and by exploring the histories of both China and its Chinese diaspora


Dr Pierre Picquart
+33 6 49 88 36 97


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Rapport scientifique pour la DPM :Historique, stratégies et étude du mouvement associatif Chinois en France


Présentation Dr Pierre Picquart

Pierre Picquart, Docteur en Géopolitique spécialité Géographie Humaine de l'Université de Paris-VIII, est expert international : Sur la prévention des conflits et spécialiste de la Chine et du monde chinois. Après sa thèse de doctorat en 1999 sur "Les Chinois de Paris", 3 tomes, 1 147 pages, il se rend en Chine, étudie les communautés chinoises d'Europe, puis mène des missions institutionnelles (prévention des conflits, migrations chinoises, structures des associations chinoises, etc.) pour les médias, les Etats membres et l'Union Européenne. Expert international, il dirige ensuite une mission d'expert en Chine sur l'immigration chinoise en Europe pour la Commission Européenne. Auteur de nombreux articles et travaux géopolitique et sur le monde chinois, il dirige actuellement des missions internationales, interculturelles, humaines, sociétales et économiques dans le monde entier.