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Asia, China, Africa... : Studies, Missions, Expertises in the world
for Medias, States, International Agencies, institutions and European Union and many countries:
Agreements, Evaluation, Data, Control, Impact
Assessment, Monitoring Mechanism, Improvement

Dr Pierre Picquart : Expert about China and Chinese world : International Consulting Europe - China

La chine dans 20 ans Par Pierre Picquart

We are in 2031. For ten years, China is the world's No. 1. The planet would turn it upside down? In a breakthrough, the world has shifted from the West to Asia and west to east: The imminent arrival of China as the first world power before 2020!

Pierre Picquart leads us a geopolitical analysis about China and the rest of the world in twenty years, with projections. The essay anticipates the decisive role in China to better understand the challenges of this global turmoil.

In multiple facets, the author invites us to an amazing journey between the present and the future: the new China and the rest of the world by 2030

Doctor geopolitical expert in human geography, Pierre Picquart is the author of a doctoral thesis and many works on China. He is the founder and director of studies and research on China.Expert for the European Commission, he wrote The Chinese Empire and shape China's Olympic in 2008.

Contact 00 33 6 15 07 88 80

3 ème Essai géopolitique, droit, économie et société : Sortie avril 2011 – 15 x 23,5 cm – 336 pages – 19 euros.- ISBN : 978-2-8289-1199-7
Acheter l’ouvrage : (FNAC, Amazone, Alapage...)
Contact presse : médias et professionnels : visuels, communiqués de presse, ouvrages, dédicaces, conférences : 06 15 07 88 80

© Interview 2006 French TV ©

Doctor Pierre Picquart is a wellknown author & international top expert about China, Chinese society & Chinese overseas. Author of the book "L'Empire Chinois" 2006 (Chinese Empire) & of a thesis 1999 - Chinese Overseas, he leads conferences & missions for International institutions, consulting agencies, ambassies, universities, medias, groups, organisations, governments, cities, states & medias: Scientific reports, European projects & tenders: Conflict prevention, Europe - China cooperation, strategies - Economy, Development, Education, Business, Communication, Chinese Olympic games, migrations, Chinese and Asiatic immigration. He leads Missions in China and Asia & in the world.

Dr Pierre Picquart

News & contact
Correspondant for International Médias

Press & Agencies

00 336 15 07 88 80

Ségolène Royal is favourite to win the French presidency next spring: with Nicolas Sarkozy. Ségolène Royal, the Socialist who is current favourite to win the French presidency next spring, likes Tony Blair, but she has little in common with the British prime minister apart from the charm and constant smile. (see the article of Times on line)

Contact CEDRIC & Chinese Research Center & Dr. Pierre Picquart. + 33 6 15 07 88 80

October 2006 : Meeting of Presidents Hu Jintao and Jacques CHIRAC in China

Reinforcing the relations between China and France, and their co-operation, the French president Jacques Chirac will visit China at the end of October 2006, just two years after his preceding visit, in 2004. This new travel of the French President Jacques Chirac in Beijing and its meeting with the high Chinese leaders in charge should once again strengthen the Franco-Chinese co-operation and relate to international and economic questions. By Dr Pierre Picquart

For Alstom, the French presidential voyage could give the opportunity important contracts. We point out that nearly twenty agreements and contracts were signed into 2004 in presence of presidents Jacques Chirac and Hu Jintao in Beijing with 14 agreements related to industrial companies. In 2004, the total amount announced by " L'Elysée " related at that time to some four billion euros. Four billion contracts in 2004, a new challenge for 2006. The economic agreements could be important.

The Alstom company (1,4 billion euros in 2004) would await this new presidential voyage impatiently. Recently, the leader of Alstom Transport, Mr Philippe Mellier, evoked the visit of Jacques Chirac at the end of October. He declared: "We work very hard to prepare this visit" and in remarks brought by AFP: "I am relatively optimistic on the advertisement of good news during this visit".

Also, other industrialists wish a reinforced economic partnership. Let us note that " Areva " did not announce anything concerning the new Chinese nuclear thermal power stations . Other contracts could benefit from the visit of Jacques Chirac and find a happy epilogue, like the wish of the " Societe Generale " to acquire the Guangdong Bank.

The ambassador of China in France Zhao Jinjun indicated on September 28, at the time of his short speech pronounced during the reception organized by the embassy, said that he is persuaded that the visit of French president Jacques Chirac in China will promote the traditional relations sino-Frenchwomen of friendly co-operation.

China's informations, Chinese people in the world

The Chinese President, Hu Jintao, has arrived in the United States at the start of a four-day visit. Last night, 18th April 2006, Mr Hu dined with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, in Seattle. He will meet the US President, George W Bush, tomorrow. It is the first visit by President Hu to the US and comes at a time when the growing power of China's economy is being felt in the US. Mr Bush has said Iran will be discussed when he meets Mr Hu at the White House. The US wants the UN Security Council to put more pressure on Iran but a meeting last night in Moscow of diplomats from the five permanent members, which includes China, failed to reach agreement on how to proceed
Premier Wen Jiabao to Visit France the 4th for 4 days At the invitation of Prime Minister Dominique De Villepin of the Republic of France, Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda of the Slovak Republic, Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek of the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Jose Socrates of the Portuguese Republic and Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi of Malasia, Premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao will pay official visits to the above five countries from December 4 to 15 and attend the 9th ASEAN plus China Summit, the 9th ASEAN Plus China, Japan and ROK Summit and the First East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

Forum China Europe immigration : Report 1 Report 2

China Focus Consuting
Your succes and your business in China

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The best seller French book L'EMPIRE CHINOIS for
a better understanding of CHINA, the future world N° 1

The past and present of the important Chinese diaspora

By the book in Poland This book is in French: for english rights

By Dr Pierre Picquart FAVRE Publishing House Third edition in 6 months

Informations Press release The success stories of China & Chinese world

Buy the book on Internet :

Contact bookshops : general diffusion and orders: Interforum Editis :
Contact Press Relations : Gaëlle Trannoy : Tél : + 33 (0)1 42 22 01 90 / Mail :
Contact author : Interviews +33 (0)6 15 07 88 80 / website :
Éds. Favre / ISBN : 2–8289–0793-7 EAN 9782828907938 / Paperback essay 15 x 23,5 cm, 224 p. Price : 22 €
For the translation rights of the book, contact the FAVRE Publishing House or Dr Pierre Picquart

China's economy informations, Chinese people in Europe

China, the Chinese people & communities : Immigration, Migrations, Communities and Chinese markets

The taikonaute news
Pierre Picquart works on social and economic missions in the world and in China. He leads chinese social and economical expertises on China and on the Chinese Diaspora (immigration, Chinese overseas, immigration, integration, migrants, migratory streams). Economist and sociologist, scientific responsible for the CEDRIC, the author of the book and thesis (Chinese Overseas & in France) steers international missions with different groups and institutions in China / Asia : international institutions, states, European Community, administrations, companies, Universities, consulting agencies, experts, consultants, researchers, institutional and well-known political leaders
China, the Chinese overseas : the chinese people in the world, in Europe and in France

© Chinese in France 1917 ©

Pierre Picquart, Author of L'Empire Chinois, The Chinese Empire, Doctor in Human Geography, Geopolitical speciality of the University of Paris-VIII, Director of the CEDRIC, International Consulting & Missions Europe - China, is an international expert & specialist for China, the Chinese overseas, the Chinese in Europe & France: asiatic and chinese immigration, communities, strategies, economy. Author of a thesis related to the World Chinese Communities & the Chinese in France, he writes articles in the media & reports for international institutions about the Chinese society: national & local markets, chinese import and export, etc. He leads social and economic missions all around the world and China for world groups, International & European institutions. Chinese development, traditions and strategies form an integral part of his missions.

Communication, international missions, China reports: Social & China Economical reports

© Chinese migration areas ©

CEDRIC participates (Agencies & Europe tender, calls for proposals) to international projects in the direction of the administrations, the states, enterprises & consulting agencies. The Cedric, with the Pierre Picquart's scientific collaboration, manages social missions and international works, notably on China and on the Chinese world. The Cedric communicates with the responsibles, the companies, the actors of research centers and of international structures. CEDRIC welcomes trainees and high-level scientists and pursues his missions on China, the migrations and Chinese overseas. We communicates and receive companies to develop international economical projects & business market development in the world and in the Asiatic & China area.

Hierarchy of objectives in Conflict Prevention: Evaluation and strategies on Conflict Prevention:
A concrete example: International Terrorism
: European answer / Europe tender / calls for proposals

On this site and more : News of China, Chinese overseas, Chinese in Europe and in France, international social reports and economical missions. China and the Chinese communities are linked by common traditions, history, memories, customs, strategies and skills. These elements form an integral part of the mission to which the name of Pierre Picquart refers. Pierre Picquart, the Cedric (International consulting & Missions Europe - China) & this site aim to be a leading research and resource centre on China and the Chinese outside China. We are conducting a range of inter-related research, scientific evaluation, documentation, investment, exhibition and community outreach activities to achieve this aim, and to advance the knowledge throughout the world.

International Expertises, Consulting, Consequences of conflict, Good governance, Research & Services

In China Mission U.E. 2001©

International Co-operation: partners & expertises; Conflict prevention & consequences of conflict; State & reforms; Democratisation& management; Fundamental freedoms; Social & human rights; Institutional strengthening; Police & security; Cultural development, human capacity & empowerment; Good governance; Capacity building; Co-ordination with donor; Crosscutting issues: poverty alleviation, gender & environment; Human programmes: health, education, social subjects; Ethnic groups & communities; Rehabilitation: crisis: disaster, conflicts, civil war; Sciences of danger: supply, ecology, nuclear; Economic, trade & social development; Partners: States, International Enterprises, institutions, European Commission, international Universities.

Human programmes, Scientific research, Economic & social development, Markets in China

Mision Chine U.E. 2002©

In the framework of the Cedric, Pierre Picquart conducts social international research, scientific studies, international economic reports for many well-known institutions and writes scientific articles for the European media. As an expert for the European Commission, he has been leading international missions as the Information Campaign: EU - China Cooperation Against Illegal Migration in China (Following the Dover Tragedy in May 2000: recommendations for the European Union, meetings with national and provincial authorities of China and other government officials). He provides advice on geopolitical strategies, development of international Trade and Chinese Markets.

International Consulting & Missions Europe - China
China News & sites in English & more

Chinese National News, BIZ CHINA: Conference and exhibitions, Bidding, Investments, Technological and Economic development Zones, Enterprises, Policy update, Technological & Economic development Zones, Travel in China, Weather in China, Chinese Web Sites: Governement, News & Media, Business, Education, Travel, Other sites, China: the Forum on People's daily, Events: News & search on China Radio, Culture: news & events, SCI-TECH, Environment, Video & Audio: news & events, Chinese literature: the news, International news from China, Learning Chinese, People, Chinese Celebrities, Central & local government, Local, laws & Enforcement, Public participation, Sports, Education: children & Universities, Chinese Dishes, China Discount hotel, Exchange Rates RMB, General links, ect.

Logo : Sary Teng / Link to the CEDRIC
China groups, Companies, Universities, Media, Newspapers, Television, Radios : Conferences, history and stories of modern China and of the Chinese overseas. Scientific researh. news, finance, business, domestic and foreign trade, export, import, value-added, immigration, integration, economy, travel, holidays, stays, training, partners, investment... Are you ready to develop your knowledge and partnership with China ? Mail with the reference of Dr Pierre Picquart to China Associates To have any information or advertise on the site, mail directly to Dr Pierre Picquart or Phone only to the expert : + 33 6 15 07 88 80 Universities, go to the FORUM Business : To advertise in China, leave all your coordinates on:


China's economy informations, Chinese people in Europe
News in the modern and new China :

Politics, government, economy, environment, social, international, sports...

Lenovo Acquires US$600m Loan from 20 Banks
More Sectors in China Open to Private Investment
China's Forex Chief Takes Helm of CCB
Oil Companies Ink Landmark S. China Sea Agreement
Japan, China row heats up over UN seat
“Green Olympics, Green Action” Promotional Team Gave a Lecture in CUGB
Pop chinese diva Faye Wong to remarry
New rules in China to safeguard charms of old Beijing
Prof Helps Internet-Hooked Teens Kick the Habit

Lenovo Acquires US$600m Loan from 20 Banks

China's largest computer manufacturer, Lenovo, said it had acquired a five-year syndicated bank loan totaling US$600 million Thursday for its purchase of IBM personal computer business.
The main banks granting the loan are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited, the BNP Bank, the ABN AMRO Bank and the Standard Chartered Bank. Other participating banks include 16 banks from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, America and Europe. Lenovo's recent purchase of IBM's PC division won the United States' government approval following a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment. The deal is due to be finalized by mid-year. March 26, 2005.

More Sectors in China Open to Private Investment

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced Thursday that private enterprises will be encouraged to enter some of the country's previously state-owned sectors -- including power, telecommunications, rail and civil aviation.
The administration distributed a notice to the administration's local branches instructing them to support private companies to fund and operate projects in the sectors. The chinese administration said it will continue to broaden access for private enterprises in other monopoly businesses where private funding is not prohibited by law. The notice came following an earlier decision by the State Council, or the country's cabinet, to encourage the development of both public and private economic sectors. (March 26, 2005)

China's Forex Chief Takes Helm of CCB

The China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB) announced in Beijing Friday that Guo Shuqing has been elected chairman of the board of directors of the bank. The CCB interim shareholders' conference and the meeting of the board of directors that opened in Beijing held that Guo Shuqing has leadership experiences in both the former State Planning Commission and the State Commission for Restructuring the Economy, and worked as vice governor of Guizhou Province, vice governor of the People's Bank of China and director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. A man of strategic vision, strong sense of reform and innovation, and chairman of the bank, Guo will play an important role in promoting CCB's reform and development and the process of internationalization. The announcement says the CCB is at a critical time of reform and development, it will resolutely seize the opportunity to promote the bank's share-holding restructure process and other undertakings in an all-round way in line with the state's unified deployment. Guo Shuqing said he will certainly not let down the expectations of the state, shareholders, clients and staff of the bank. He will work closely with the whole bank and make efforts tocontinuously push forward the bank's reform and development, and build the CCB into a modern commercial bank with international competitive edge. (March 26, 2005)

Oil Companies Ink Landmark S. China Sea Agreement

Oil companies of the Philippines, China and Vietnam signed a landmark tripartite agreement in Manila on Monday to conduct a joint seismic survey of oil potential in disputed areas of the South China Sea. The US$15-million undertaking will last for a period of three years, a move Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo described as a historic breakthrough in developing an area that has been a source of conflict between the three nations into a source of energy. Arroyo congratulated the Philippine National Oil Company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation on their successful negotiations. "It is not only a diplomatic breakthrough for peace and security in the region, but also a breakthrough for our energy independence program, because one of the elements of this program is to work on strategic alliances with our friends and allies so that we can have more supply of energy for the region and our country," Arroyo said when meeting the delegations from the three companies. The survey, which is expected to begin before the start of the typhoon season this year, will cover an area of about 143,000 square kilometers. In a joint statement, the three parties affirmed that the signing of the agreement was in accordance with the basic positions held by their respective governments to turn the South China Sea into an area of peace, stability, cooperation and development in accordance with the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the 2002 ASEAN-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.Chinese Ambassador Wu Hongbo told Xinhua that the cooperative arrangement, based on mutual understanding and common interest, would set a good example for the countries concerned to resolve the South China Sea issue peacefull.. (March 15, 2005)

Japan, China row heats up over UN seat

Japan fanned the blaze of a raging row with China on Friday, by saying the lifting of the EU arms embargo on China would be a “big problem” for Asian stability. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hiroyuki Hosoda, said March 25, on the eve of a visit by French President Jacques Chirac that the lifting of the EU arms embargo on China being pushed by France would be a 'big problem' for Asian stability. Japan is wooing world leaders for a favorable consideration of its bid for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council. On Thursday, more than one million people, mostly Chinese, signed their names at the site to voice their opposition to Japan’s eligibility. Chinese Government now faces daunting pressure to be tough with Japan, analysts said. On the eve of a visit by French President Jacques Chirac, Japanese Government Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda said: "Considering stability in Asia, the United States and Japan share the awareness that resuming arms exports would be a big problem." Hosoda said the issue of the arms embargo would likely be on the agenda when Chirac meets Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in Tokyo Sunday.President Chirac said Wednesday he still expected an agreement to lift the ban by the end of June, despite signs the 25-member EU bloc could delay its decision. Washington has been pressuring Europe not to lift the ban. US lawmakers have even threatened to levy punitive trade sanctions on European companies if the embargo is lifted, which was imposed 16 years ago.China says the embargo is political discrimination and also a nuisance in better Sino-EU relations. Chirac, accompanied by his wife Bernadette and a delegation of French business leaders, will arrive in the western city of Osaka on Saturday and then head by train to Nagoya to see the World Exposition. (march, 2005).

“Green Olympics, Green Action” Promotional Team Gave a Lecture in CUGB

On March 23, 2005, in China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Doctor Xuyun, an expert of water resources, director of Zhongguancun International Environmental Protection Industry Promotion Center (ZIEPC), and also a number of “Green Olympics, Green Action” Promotional Team, gave a lecture on “Circular Economy
: Water Resources’ Protection and Utilization”. More than 200 undergraduates as well as postgraduates from the School of Water Resources & Environment attended. After the lecture, they also communicated and discussed some hotspots with each other, such as Green Olympics, circular economy, water resources’ protection and utilization, etc.
March 22, 2005 is the thirteenth World Water Day. Under the help of BOCOG, students from the School of Water Resources & Environment of CUGB developed a “Water Week” named “Water for Life Moistens the Green Olympics”. Besides the lecture, they will also hold a signing ceremony and a quiz. Meanwhile, they will develop communication and promotion activities in some middle and primary schools. They hoped that through such activities, they could improve both their knowledge and culture level, call on the public to save water so as to contribute to the Green Olympics.

Pop chinese diva Faye Wong to remarry

China's famous actor Li Yapeng and singer-actress Faye Wong will marry after this year's Spring Festival, according to one of their close friends. Pop diva Faye Wong and actor Li Yapeng, her present regular boyfriend. The friend, who works in advertising, said that Li and Wong planned to marry soon after Feb. 9 and they are now busy preparing for the wedding. The location for the wedding has not been set yet, according to the source. It might be in Beijing, where they bought their mansion, or Xi'an, where the relationship got solid. Li was not available to comment. But he admitted recently that he had spent a happy New Year's Day with Wong and he wanted to have a stable life now.

New rules in China to safeguard charms of old Beijing

A long-awaited law to protect Beijing's historical and cultural heritage was passed by the city's legislature on Friday after nearly a year's deliberation. Siheyuan courtyard homes near the Forbidden City in the center of Beijing are under protection to safeguard the charms of old Beijing. The city's legislature passed new rules on March 25 to protect Beijing's historical and cultural heritages.The Beijing Regulation for Historical and Cultural City Protection, which take effect from May 1, stipulate that the city will protect not only its more than 3,500 listed heritage sites, but also unlisted sites deemed to be of historical or cultural value. The 41-article regulations also guarantee protection for all areas of the 850-year-old capital within the city's Second Ring Road. This means that, as well as high profile areas like the Forbidden City and the old river system, the old city layout, the colours of old buildings, ancient trees and even the names of houses and lanes will have legal protection. "The most encouraging content of the regulations is that Beijing will pay more attention to protecting the old city's landscape in its entirety, rather than just focussing on scattered heritage sites," said Mei Ninghua, director of the Beijing Administrative Bureau of Cultural Heritage. Heritage guardians have long appealed for the traditional fabric of the old city to be preserved, including the old lanes and courtyards.

China's education : Chinese Professor Tao Hongkai Helps Internet-Hooked Teens Kick the Habit

Professor Tao Hongkai was browsing the Wuhan Evening News when his attention was drawn to the story of an Internet-addicted girl and her helpless and distraught mother.
Qu Qian, 17, once a top student in her class, was skipping school to get her daily fix of online gaming. It was after the mother fruitlessly called the police that she took a last-resort option: she contacted the media. Fortunately, that day in May of 2004, professor Tao put down the paper and called the family. Several days later, after a nine-hour consultation with mother and daughter, the teenager agreed to skip the Internet cafe instead of classes. Qu was good to her word. She's stayed out of the Internet cafes, today her grades are again at the top of her class and she and her mother are friends again. Sixty-year-old Tao Hongkai is a guest professor with Central China Normal University in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province, where he teaches four courses as part of what he describes as "full-fledged character education." Though Tao originally expected to perhaps help a single distraught mother and her daughter, after his success with Qu became known, he developed unexpected fame. He is now renowned - and in high-demand - as a troubleshooter-therapist for Internet addicted kids... Quite simply, he says: "We should teach our children that computers are tools... not toys." Because of his altruistic action, personal sacrifice and contribution to the greater community, Professor Tao was recently conferred the title of "Loving Ambassador in Network Civilization," by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, and his story was reported by more than 200 media outlets in China. (March 25, 2005).

Press relase :

Memory : Japan should face up to history: By French expert 2005-04-22 01:48:38

PARIS, April 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Japan should face up to history andthe crimes its troops did during World War II, and only in this way can it win back trust among people in Asia and across the world, a French expert on Chinese studies said Thursday.

"Japanese leaders should face up to the questions hurting national sentiment of China. ... It will serve the bilateral ties,peace and confidence in Asia and in the world," Dr. Pierre Picquart, an expert on geopolitics from Paris University, told Xinhua in an interview. Dr. Pierre Picquart, who majored in Chinese studies, gave an account of the atrocities Japanese troops did in China during their invasion.

He said history books in the West seldom described the massacrein Nanjing (an eastern city in China) in 1937 when the invading Japanese troops killed between 300,000 and 400,000 civilians and raped more than 20,000 women aged from 11 to 70. "Tens of thousands of Chinese were buried alive with only theirheads out of earth. Some weeks of massacres didn't spare children.Rapes, live burials and all kinds of atrocities. Thousands of Chinese had their head cut in front of their parents..." Dr. Pierre Picquart said.

He added that there are many photos, witnesses, films and otherevidence that one needs only to look at to know the crimes. Dr. Pierre Picquart also mentioned the republication of a history textbook in Japan that minimizes the country's brutalities in Asiaduring the last century and said the Japanese government should beresponsible for distorting history and hurting the feelings of itsAsian neighbors.

He said the memory should remain alive and he compared the Chinese-Japanese ties with the French-German ties, saying they arenot at the same level.

"The German authorities declare each year that it ought not to forget the history and not to repeat the same things. Why the Japanese authorities still pay official tribute to Japanese heroeswho had massacred thousands of Chinese?

"Why do they favor the ignorance of the history ... Why are these Japanese history textbooks watered down?" he questioned.

Dr. Pierre also said Japan, while seeking a permanent membership at the UN Security Council, should first gain Asia's confidence by respecting the history. Enditem

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L'expérience " Europe - Chine " avec les meilleurs experts. Formations,
séjours en Chine, accueil des VIP chinois, nos relations publiques et conseils
pour les cadres et dirigeants Français et Chinois. Management, conférences,
découverte des cultures.
Tél. : 06 15 07 88 80


Organisation de séminaires, de conférences, de colloques, de formations pour les sociétés Occidentales et Chinoises dans le monde entier. Publics concernés : managers Chinois, cadres et managers d'entreprises françaises, élus, collectivités... : Environnement culturel, Connaissance des secteurs, concurrence, préparation de l'installation d'une équipe en Chine ou en France, management interculturel…


Acquérir l'expérience " Europe - Chine " grâce à des formations spécialisées

China Focus Consulting


Formation, recrutement,
consulting, audit, business

Tél. : 06 15 07 88 80 / + 33 6 15 07 88 80 Courriel :


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